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1. I need to store binary data. How do I do this with the SDR?

2. I want a serial data logger. Would the SDR work?

3. Can the SDR log NMEA data?

4. Can the SDR log binary GPS data?

5. Can the SDR record to a custom file name?

6. Can I use the SDR to log data from an embedded system?

7. Can I use the SDR to add CompactFlash (CF) to my product?

8. How do I start and stop recording? Can a microcontroller or embedded system start and stop the SDR?

9. How does date/time stamping work?

10. I'm using a sealed enclosure. How can I retreive data without removing the CompactFlash card?

11. Do you have a product that records to other devices? PCMCIA? Hard disk? Zip disk? Memory stick?

12. Can I purchase CompactFlash cards from you?

13. Should I purchase CompactFlash cards from you or another (cheaper) vendor?

14. My device outputs logic-level (5 volt) RS-232. Can the DataBridge SDR or SDR-CF record 5V asynchronous data?

15. My device doesn't use a DB-9 serial port, it has a different connector. Can the SDR talk to it?

16. How do I know my device will work with the SDR?

17. I need to record at a nonstandard baud rate. Can the SDR do this?

18. I need to record non-serial data. Can the SDR do this?

19. I want to record data directly from sensors. Can the SDR do this?

20. I'm using a data radio to relay my data to a computer. Is there a way to use the SDR as a backup storage device?

21. Can I monitor the SDR remotely somehow?

22. I want to log both data transmitted to a device and received from a device for debugging. Can the SDR do this?

23. I'm interested in the DataBridge IC (AI-2002A) for a project. Where can I get samples and datasheets?

24. Do you have representatives outside the US?

25. Can I order from you using a credit card?

26. Can I order from you using a purchase order?

27. What's the best way to approach Acumen to handle a custom project?

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