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This product will be available on a limited basis until December 31, 2008. The DataBridge SDR2-OEM-CF is a backward-compatible replacement for this product. Customers wishing to purchase this product should contact Acumen Instruments Corporation for availability information.
DataBridge SDR2-OEM-CF documentation

DataBridge SDR-OEM-CF

  Single-Board Serial Data Recorder

SDR-OEM-CF with CompactFlash card

  • low-power
  • low-cost
  • small footprint
  • no development time

Acumen Instruments Corporation™ is pleased to announce DataBridge™ SDR-OEM-CF - another way Acumen Instruments makes it easy to add data storage to any device.

The SDR-OEM-CF brings you all of the features of Acumen's DataBridge SDR in a single module. Like DataBridge SDR, the SDR-OEM-CF captures data from any device equipped with a serial port and stores it in a PC-compatible file.

No programming required.

The SDR-OEM-CF is a hardware solution that is ready to deploy. Unlike competing solutions, no programming is required, and you don't need to install special application software. All configuration is done using terminal software via your computer's serial port. And, since the SDR-OEM-CF uses a PC-compatible file format, you can access data like any file on your computer.

If you already use a computer or laptop for data collection, the SDR-OEM-CF is a convenient drop-in replacement.

Low power consumption.

The SDR-OEM-CF offers significant power savings (less than 500mW) over embedded PC's and RTOS solutions, so batteries last longer and no heat is generated. The SDR-OEM-CF operates from a single power supply, simplifying system integration.

The flexibility you need.

At Acumen, we know every application has unique requirements. For devices that require it, the SDR-OEM-CF can send commands to the attached device on initialization, shutdown, or at specific intervals. You also control when files are opened and closed, how files are named, and date/time stamping.

Using the SDR-OEM-CF's configuration port, you can connect to a computer to control and monitor your recording, download files, change recording settings, or communicate with your device using serial passthrough mode.

Choose your storage technology.

The SDR-OEM-CF gives you access to industry-standard solid-state storage devices and hard disk drives in CompactFlash form factors.


We designed DataBridge SDR products with customization in mind. Acumen's modular architecture allows us to tailor the SDR-OEM-CF's capabilities to meet your exact needs. Options such as analog and digital inputs, alternate data formats, and on-board data reduction are available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

SDR-OEM Block Diagram

See it for yourself.

The DataBridge SDR-OEM-CF development kit includes everything needed to incorporate the SDR-OEM-CF or the DataBridge IC in your application today.


Data rates:

2400-230,400 bps

Handshaking modes:

RTS/CTS (hardware handshaking)

File format:

(DOS FAT16 file system)

Storage device compatibility:

Devices conforming to the CompactFlash or CF+ specification

Electrical interface:


Storage capacity:

limited only by storage
device and FAT16 file system

Power requirements:

7-30 VDC or 5.0 VDC 5%,
400 mW (not including storage device)

Operating Temperature:

–40° to +85° Celsius
(industrial temperature range)

Physical Characteristics 


4.50" L x 3.00" W x 0.75" H
(11.43 cm x 7.60 cm x 1.90 cm)


3.0 oz (85.0 grams)

Serial connectors:

DB9 Male, DB9 Female

Drive connectors:

CF connector with ejector

Notable Features

Serial download protocols:

YModem batch, ASCII

Power-up modes:

Resume recording w/new filename
append to file

Scheduled file close interval:

1 second to 194 days (224 seconds)

Number of messages:

8  256-byte strings

Message interval:

1 second to 194 days (224 seconds)
(messages can also be sent at initialization or shutdown)

Device control:

serial passthrough mode
(converts baud rates when needed)

Media Options

Solid-state media:

CompactFlash media
8 MB to 2 GB

Hard drives:

IBM/Hitachi Microdrive
170 MB, 340 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB

Microdrive is a trademark of IBM.

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